• Sometimes you wonder why…

    My friend and fellow angler, Mike Vice, is in tough shape right now. It’s the kind of situation that makes you wonder why bad things happen to good people.

  • Powell and Fox dominate on Lake Eufaula

    By Jason Duran

  • The Alabama River was low but the weights were still high

    By Jason Duran

  • 5 secret buzzbait tricks

    A lot of weekend anglers have forgotten about buzzbaits, and that is a mistake. Elite Series pros give tips for fishing this topwater bait that have been kept secret until now.

  • ICAST 2020: a good thing coming

    This year’s ICAST show will be a virtual show with everything online. At first that seems like a disappointment.

  • Gear Review: Plano Guide Series Bags

    What is it?Plano Guide Series Bags

  • Be choosy about your jig trailers

    Last month I talked about jig choices for various applications. Well, I’m just as fussy about my choice of trailers that I put on the backs of those jigs.

  • Get best fishing times with lunar fishing calendars

    To assist anglers when it comes to planning fishing trips, we supply astro tables each month on Lunar periods are enhanced when they overlap a key solar period. The best of these overlaps are designated by the sun symbols below.

  • Queen wins Kentucky Lake Hobie event

    OCEANSIDE, Calif. — The Hobie Bass Open Series (BOS) resumed its schedule after a brief break due to the coronavirus pandemic as 129 kayak anglers converged on Kentucky Lake in Calvert City, Ky.

  • What were the odds?

    It’s no secret that Bassmaster Elite Tournaments are often won by specialists: guys who flip, crank or drop shot or guys who fish shallow or guys who are ledge fishermen.Buddy Gross proved that when he won the DEWALT Bassmaster Elite on Lake Eufaula recently.

  • Classic fans and Carhartt help Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful

    Fans who attended the 2020 Bassmaster Classic in Birmingham earlier this year had the chance to help keep Lake Guntersville and other Tennessee River reservoirs clean by making a $10 donation to the Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful organization at the Carhartt booth in exchange for a custom Car

  • Mayfly marvels: much more than fish food

    You have to believe that a male mayfly has the best pickup lines of any living creature. I mean, the dude has, like, a day — two max — to “round the bases,” so to speak, and it’s not like, “Oh, well, there’s always next weekend.”

  • Gear Review: Z-Man MinnowZ

    What is it?Z-Man MinnowZ 

  • Minn Kota announces Raptor, sets new standard for hydraulic shallow-water anchors

    RACINE, Wis. – Global leader in boat control for over 85 years and maker of the Talon shallow water anchor Minn Kota announces the upcoming release of Raptor shallow water anchor.

  • Radio: Lester, Jones and Moore

    Tune in for the newest episode of Bassmaster Radio featuring Chris Jones, Brandon Lester and Ronnie Moore.

  • Missile Baits announces new NedBall Head and more

    Missile Baits is adding a NedBall Head, designed for fishing on a Ned rig, a new storage Missile Bag, and lots of new colors across a number of their baits. Building on the early success of the Quiver 4.5 and Quiver 6.5, Missile Baits is adding 6 colors on each length worm.

  • Garrett 'knocked on wood' at Central Open

    Lost in all the emotions at the conclusion of the Bassmaster Central Open last Saturday were the subtle details of how John Garrett caught heavier bags over three days than any of the other 192 pros who competed on the Arkansas River.

  • How hydraulic jackplates improve performance

    Ask any touring pro if a hydraulic jackplate is worth the money, and I’d bet their answer would be an emphatic “yes!” On the Bassmaster Elite Series, they’re considered essential equipment … for multiple reasons.

  • Two weeks of quarantine at home

    After returning home to Kenora, Ontario, following the Lake Eufaula Elite Series event, I was told by the Canada Customs officer at the border that I would have to do a 14-day quarantine at my home because of COVID-19 concerns. This wasn’t unexpected.

  • Are Florida plant managers listening?

    Florida is arguably the bass fishing capital of the world, but the Sunshine State also claims the unwanted designation as home to the most invasive species.

  • Profile: Caernarvon Bass Trail

    Geographic region covered: Louisiana Delta

  • Daily Limit: Elite on ESPN2 creates buzz

    One small step for bass anglers, one giant leap for "basskind."No, it wasn’t as big as the moon landing, but the DEWALT Bassmaster Elite at Lake Eufaula airing on ESPN2 was monumental for the sport of bass fishing.

  • Don’t even think about spreading invasives

    In nearly two decades of competing as a professional angler, I have seen many of our best fisheries change as the result of both accidental and purposeful introduction of invasive species.

  • Get your largemouth game on at Pickwick Lake

    Smallmouth bass get all the attention at Pickwick Lake, and they deserve it. The lake is legendary for producing the best smallmouth fishing on the Tennessee River system. Not to be ignored, a healthy population of largemouth also lives in the southwest Tennessee lake.

  • Recreational boats — a curse or a blessing?

    Are recrational boats a curse or a blessing?