• Drew Cook rattles bass anytime

    Most bass fanatics will only cast a lipless rattling crankbait in early spring over submerged grass.

  • Now’s the time to learn your local lakes

    Trait and I are experiencing weird feelings right now. March and April are usually constant traveling and fishing for us, but not this year. We’re home doing the best we can given the situation we find ourselves in right now. It’s a strange atmosphere.

  • Four more B.A.S.S. events postponed due to Coronavirus concerns

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Public boat ramp closures in South Carolina and Kentucky, as well as extended federal guidelines limiting social gatherings to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, have prompted B.A.S.S.

  • Bass Basics: Which is best — live bait or lures?

    To coax a fish to bite, you need something on your line that gets the fish’s attention — something that stimulates its senses of sight, hearing, smell and/or taste.

  • Daily Limit: Pirch keeping his distance

    Distancing himself from people comes rather naturally for Clifford Pirch, the Bassmaster Elite Series angler who lives in the middle of a national forest in Payson, Ariz.

  • Sumrall: no worms, a little truck gas and a lot of family

    Carhartt pro Caleb Sumrall was really looking forward to pitching lures around the thousands of flooded cypress trees at the Bassmaster Elite Series event on Santee Cooper, S.C., this month.

  • A simple line guide

    I’ve been thinking about a useful topic I could cover that would help recreational anglers sort through the complexities of modern bass fishing. I think line choice fit’s that bill.

  • Gear Review: Abu Garcia Ultra Long Cast Revo EXD

    What is it?Abu Garcia Ultra Long Cast Revo EXD

  • 87 frog tips from Bassmaster Magazine

    Floating, hollow-bodied frogs are far more versatile than most anglers could imagine. Bassmaster Magazine wanted to know exactly how versatile, so it asked readers to submit their best frog tips. The response was overwhelming!

  • How to fish safely during COVID-19

    Editor’s note: Bassmaster has a new section called Fish Smart, with social hashtags #fishsmart and #livesmart.

  • Radio: Hudnall, Livesay and more

    This week's episode of Bassmaster Radio features Derek Hudnall, Lee Livesay and Jeff Kolodzinski.

  • A delayed homecoming for Buddy Gross

    The eventual tale of our collective COVID-19 lockdown may result in a form of Greek tragedy, but Georgia pro Buddy Gross is already living the mythological story of Sisyphus.

  • In uncertain times Bassmaster says Live Smart, Fish Smart

    Bassmaster has launched a new initiative called Live Smart, Fish Smart, along with the social media hashtags, #livesmart #fishsmart, designed specifically for life in these unsettling times.  

  • Learn the Neko rig

    It’s properly called “neck-oh rig” as per the Japanese anglers who have brought it over to our country. I know that, but I still sometimes call it the “neek-oh rig.” It just flows out of my mouth easier.

  • Dave Precht, thank you

    “But me, I’m still on the road…”Dateline: 2007-2020 “If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?”— T.S. Eliot

  • Outdoor Women: Ashley Nichole Lewis

    Ashley Nichole Lewis tilted her head to the sky and could hardly believe her eyes. What she saw flying over the waters of Lake El Salto in November of 2019 defied explanation — a fully rigged bass boat dangling from a helicopter hundreds of feet in the air.

  • Shimano launches 100th anniversary recognition

    LADSON, S.C. – 100 years in business. It’s a great accomplishment for any company, and no matter the problems the world is currently facing, it still calls for some celebration and recognition.

  • Lester picks two forgotten spring classics

    Just because Team Toyota’s Brandon Lester is only 31 years old, doesn’t mean he’s too inexperienced to remember lures that everybody cast not long ago to catch springtime bass — which then seemed to fall out of fashion.

  • Time to stay calm

    There’s a lot of uncertainty in our country right now, and in the fishing industry. No one knows what the future holds except that we’ll be fine at some point. That’s why I think it’s the time to stay calm. 

  • Daily Limit: Fishing to social distance

    As the sun broke through on a calm afternoon, the parking lots at Little Rock’s Two Rivers Park were overflowing.

  • LIVE on the Lake set for Thursday

    Birmingham, AL – While everyone is living a life that’s a little different than before, B.A.S.S. and a couple of Bassmaster Elite Series Champions hope to provide some learning and entertainment on Thursday, March 26.

  • Man, I wish I was weighing fish

    As I write this I wish the world was on its axis and B.A.S.S. was finishing up a great event on Lake Chickamauga. But the world is not right at this current time. There are far more important things going on than fishing tournaments.

  • Gear Review: The Rod Glove

    What is it? The Rod Glove

  • Bassmaster Elite Series event at Lake Eufaula postponed

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — B.A.S.S.

  • Lures that fall off the radar

    Anglers love to chase the trends in baits and techniques. When something gets hot, everyone wants to use it.When it starts catching fish for them, they can’t put it down - until another interesting trend comes along.