Fire Starting

Coghlan's Ltd.

Coghlan's Solid Fuel Tablets 24 Pack 9565


These solid fuel tablets are ideal for use in the Coghlan's Emergency Stove or any other solid fuel stove. They are easy to ignite, smokeless, non-toxic and odorless. They are also useful as fire starters. They are great for camping and backpacking, and...

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Coghlan's Ltd.

Coghlans Waterproof Tinder 10 Piece 8649


Waterproof tinder for fire-starting. Replacement tinder for Coughlans #8647 kit but will also work with any flint-striker fire starting system or lights easily with a match. Package of 10 pieces. Click here to learn more about the basics of fire...

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Boker USA, Inc.

Boker Plus Fire Starter


The magnesium fire starter - an indispensable utensil in emergency situations. The chips produced with the enclosed scraper help tremendously to rapidly kindle the camp fire or emergency flare. The threaded aluminum body with nonslip checkering provides...

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