Fenix Flashlights

Fenix Flashlights ARE-X1+ Battery Charger


The Fenix ARE-X1+ is single-channel smart charger, built for different types, and different size, rechargeable batteries. The charger will automatically choose the correct charging mode for each battery type, whether it be Li-ion, Ni-MH or Ni-Cd. The...

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Seattle Sports

Seattle Sports Survivolts USB Mult-E-Tool


Turn your ordinary powerbank into an extraordinary multi-tool! The Survivolts Backcountry Mult-E-Tools kit includes six USB fobs designed for use on the SurviVolts Powerbank. The fobs can also be popped on to any powerbank with a USB port to create a...

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Seattle Sports

Seattle Sports Survivolts Power Bank Charger


Recharge with the ultimate backcountry and everyday use survival tool! The SurviVolts Power Bank is a 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery-powered power bank with incorporated on/off switch and LED light. The portable size makes it perfect to charge phones and...

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Coleman Company, Inc.

Coleman CPX 6 Battery Pack Kit 2000015140


Coleman's CPX 6 Battery Pack is the ideal power source for the CPX 6 series of lanterns and flashlights because it allows you to stop constantly replacing disposable batteries. This battery pack kit includes a rechargeable battery, a 12 volt adapter for...

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