Hunting Stands & Seats & Safety Harnesses

Hunter Safety System

HSS Lifeline Tree Stand Safety System 3 Pack LLS-3


Install the HSS Lifeline in your tree above your stand height the first time you ascend and you eliminate the need to move tree straps up and down as you climb and descend. You simply slide the unique Prussic knot up and down the standing line as you...

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HME Products

HME Products Tree Stand Cable Lock 6' Black TCL


Secure your tree stand and other valuables with this 6' cable lock from HME Products. The self contained lock makes it easier to wrap around the tree and fasten. The lock includes 2 keys. Specifications and Features: HME Products TCL Overall length 6'...

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Muddy The Safeguard Tree Safety System XL Black


Muddy includes everything you need to hunt in one package, Safeguard Harness, Lineman's Rope, Tree Strap, Suspension Relief Strap, Carabiner. Be ready to hunt safer with the system. Specifications and Features: Muddy MSH400-L The Safeguard Size XL, X...

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Muddy Safety Harness Tree Strap 300lb rating


Muddy let you rest securely in a tree and not have to worry about gravity making you and the ground interact. The Safety Harness Tree Strap will fit around most trees and is rated at 300lbs to hold you safely in the tree with an extra thick double...

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