Scent Elimination

Nose Jammer

Nose Jammer Face-Hand-Body Lotion 5oz


Nose Jammer Lotion is the best way to protect your skin from exposure to the elements during the hunting season. It creates a barrier of Nose Jammer directly on your skin. As with all our products, it contains aromatic compounds emitted by trees,...

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Nose Jammer

Nose Jammer 4 Pack Combo Kit


Nose Jammer has made a science of hunting. Their product simple overload the olfactory senses of game animals preventing them from smelling you. Their compounds can be found in nature and are mainly from trees shrubs and grasses. This pack lets you...

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Nose Jammer

Nose Jammer Stick Deodorant 2.25 oz 3045


The makers of Nose Jammer say it "jams big game animal's ability to smell'. Formulated from all natural compounds that are emitted by trees, shrubs and grasses, Nose Jammer concentrates those natural aromatics at levels that overpowers the sense of...

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Hunters Specialties

Scent-A-Way Bio-Strike Oder Control Spray 32oz


Scent-A-Way Bio-Strike Odor Control Spray is a new ground-breaking patented formula that is third-party lab proven to be twice as effective as any other hunting scent elimination formula available. Scent-A-Way Bio-Strike uses Nanoshield technology to...

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Wildlife Research Center

Scent Killer Autumn Formula 24 Ounce


Specifications and features:Scent elimination w/autumn woods & fields cover scentPrevents odor-causing molecules from converting to gasLasts all day24-oz. spray bottleThis spray is a high-powered human odor elimination formula that has been...

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