Axes and Hatchets

Cold Steel

Cold Steel Axe Gang Hatchet Trainer 92BKAXG


The best of the world's sword fighters have known a simple truth for ages... if you want to become a reasonably good sword fighter you should endeavor to learn sword fighting techniques, footwork and the basic stances. However, if you want to be a...

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Cold Steel

Cold Steel War Club Gunstock Synthetic 92PGS


One of the truths of close quarter combat is that a rifle, shotgun or musket can be an improvised club in the absence of suitable ammunition or a bayonet. It's also true that an 8-10 lb. rifle, grasped by its long barrel and swung with both hands hits...

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Ultimate Survival Technologies

Ultimate Survival Technologies ParaHatchet FS


The ParaHatchet FS is a versatile multi-tool. Wrapped in eight feet of paracord, for grip comfort and emergencies. Features and Specifications: Manufacturer Number: 20-02227-08 Materials: Stainless Steel 4mm thick Color: Black Oxide Finish Size: 9.7 x 3...

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