Hornady #35 Shell Holder Steel 390575


Only Hornady shell holders are precision machined from solid steel and then heat treated to perform flawlessly for the life of the press. They also fit on most other brands.Fits: .223, .243, .25, .270 Winchester Super Short Magnum (WSSM) 7mm, .300, ...

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RCBS Decapping Pin Large 50 Pack 49629


Decapping pins are the most vulnerable part of your dies, and as such have a tendency to break or become lost. This is a 50 pack of large replacement decapping pins for your RCBS dies in larger calibers. Item#: 7-RS49629

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RCBS Auto Primer Feed Tube Small 09582


Primers drop one at a time into the primer plug and sleeve with the Automatic Primer Feed Tube. Eliminates misfires caused by oily residues. Nylon polymer pick up keeps primers from falling out and has a 100 primer capacity. It mounts easily on most...

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RCBS Trim Pro Shell Holder #16 90316


The RCBS Trim Pro Case Trimmers feature unique shaped shell holders to firmly hold your rifle and pistol cases in perfect alignment with the cutter. This system allows for accurate and repeatable case trimming lengths and leaves the case mouths square...

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