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Otis Technology Ear Shield, 26dB, FG-ESH-26


Otis Technology presents a smarter way to protect your hearing while improving your response to range commands and other communication. Ear Shields new Sound Reduction Chamber Technology changes the sport shooter experience. Now you can shield your ears...

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Radians RadBand 2 Banded Earplugs Orange


Radians RadBand 2 is lightweight and comfortable, and is designed for protection against intermittent noise. The curved band conveniently hangs around neck and keeps ear pods from touching dirty surfaces.Specifications and Features Soft, ergonomic pods...

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Radians Rad Band Ear Plugs Red RB1150


If you are looking for a convenient pair of reusable ear plugs, the Radians Rad Band Ear Plugs have a flexible band connecting them that does not chafe the skin. The red color makes finding them easier, and the band makes them easy to hang...

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