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Lyman Products

Black Powder Sight


 These quality Lyman hunting sights will help an old gun shoot straight and true. Comes with special .360 dovetail cuts that fit most European imports. The 16AML folding leaf sight is fully adjustable for elevation (.400 - .500). The 37ML white bead...

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Gerber Gear

Carbide Cutter Insert Replacement Kit


Selected models of the Gerber tool line feature an extremely rugged tungsten carbide cutting insert. Once dull, the insert can be rotated 120 degrees for a fresh start. After all three sides have been dulled the insert can be replaced. Replacements fit...

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Universal Cleaning Kit - 5444000


The 5ive Star Gear Universal Cleaning Kit is a mil-spec cleaning kit that is similar to the original US military issue. This kit contains everything you need to keep your weapons clean and operating well. Included in its nylon case with snap closure is...

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Acog Internal Adjuster Caps & Lanyard


This caps and lanyard set for the ACOG is designed to fit those ACOG's that have an internal adjuster. This adjuster has a low profile and sits inside a brass setting. The dial is silver in color and is adjusted with the use of a tool.

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Pro-gard Industries

Portable Seat Organizer W/ Printer


The Pro-gard D2951 Printer Organizer is a convenient, mobile storage solution for law enforcement vehicles that can be carried on the back of a seat or in the trunk. Its lower shelf contains room to fit an HP 460 or Canon IP90 printer, allowing officers...

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Raven Concealment

Vanguard 2 Advanced Upgrade Kit


This VG2 Advanced Upgrade Kit allows you to convert a VG2 holster shell into the full Advanced VG2 holster. Please note that the VG2 holster shell is not included in the kit. Also note that the CLAW is only compatible with the pistol model of VG2...

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Wheeler Engineering

Delta Series Ar Armorers Essentials Kit


Engineered specifically for building, tuning and cleaning your AR-15 rifle, Wheeler's Delta Series AR Armorer's Essentials Kit has everything you need. Each tool is designed specifically for application on AR-15-platform guns, and is constructed of the...

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Glock Site Tool Set


The Trijicon GL02 Night Sight Installation Tool Kit contains everything you need to mount a Trijicon Bright & Tough or HD night sight set on your Glock pistol. It is compatible with almost all Glock designs, but Glock 42 and 43 require an additional...

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X2 Range Bag Small


They're the perfect compliment to your Plano ammo cases. The X2 series of range bags are designed to fit securely around Plano field boxes to provide necessary storage for safety glasses, ear protection, magazine holders, cleaning supplies and other...

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Otis Technology

9mm Police/tactical Handgun Cleaning Kit


This weapons maintenance kit properly cleans weapon platforms, featuring Ripcord for quick Breech-to-Muzzle field cleaning, and brass cleaning rod with swivel handle. Personal protection gear like nitrile gloves and lead remover wipes and cleaners and...

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UpLULA Universal Pistol Mag Loader


The UpLULA™ is a military-grade, pocket-size, universal pistol magazine loader and unloader designed to load and unload virtually all  9mm Luger up to .45ACP single and double stack magazines of all manufacturers. It also loads most .380ACP single and...

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5.11 Tactical

Pistol Bungee Cover


Securely carry your spare magazines with the 5.11 Tactical Single Pistol Bungee Cover It offers full compatibility with both MOLLE-based web gear and our proprietary SlickStick System, allowing you to customize magazine storage for the mission at hand...

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Revision Military

Sawfly Eyewear Basic Kit


Designed for fit, function and comfort, this unmatched level of protection is specifically designed for the military. The curved lens provides an unrestricted field-of-view and maximum ventilation, while the adjustable arms and head strap ensure a...

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Bravo Company Usa



The strongest light-weight polymer stock available for your mil-spec receiver extension. Modular VBOST (Vehicle Borne Operations Sling Tab) €“ This tab interfaces with the shooter's riggers' band or bungee to secure the shooter's sling against the...

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