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Adventure Medical Survive Outdoors Longer Phoenix


The next generation of the Survive Outdoors Longer's tools.The Phoenix is the most innovative multi-purpose fire starting tool on the market that incorporates 8+ survival tools into one small pocket knife size multi-tool. The only thing missing is the...

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Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Traverse Survival Kit 0140-1767


This rugged survival kit has you covered in the 4 major areas of survival, from Water, Shelter, Signaling & Fire. This will be the most comprehensive and basic survival kit all in one from a brand that wants you to Survive Outdoors Longer. Item#:...

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Coghlan's Ltd.

Coghlan's Emergency Preparedness Kit 0010


Be ready for any disaster in your community with this emergency preparedness kit.Includes: 4 8 Hour Emergency Candles 2 12 Hour Lightsticks 1 First Aid Kit (37 Components) 4 Disposable Handwarmers 1 Bottle Water Purification Tablets 2 Emergency Ponchos...

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ProForce Law Enforcement Equipment

Proforce Equipment Ndur Survival Tin


The NDuR Survival Tin is an essential kit for every adventurer. Originally designed for the British SAS (Special Air Service). Many people confuse an emergency kit with a survival kit. A survival kit is designed to assist you in the short duration of...

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Coleman Company, Inc.

Coleman 5 In 1 Rugged Survival Kit 2000025213


Meet the Rugged Essentials, core accessory assortment. They have higher grade materials, better ease of use, enhanced comfort so you'll know it's Coleman and you'll know it's quality.Rugged 5-in-1 survival kitKit Includes:WhistleCompass10' polyester...

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